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asked 12 May '11, 22:09

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"No! Gertrude effectively killed her by not saving her."

--That's conjecture.

We don't know where Gertrude was when it occurred, whether or not it was possible for her to "save" Ophelia, whether Gertrude discovered Ophelia already dead and is, herself, conjecturing, or whether or not the account was relayed to her and she is recounting it in her own words, or whether or not Shakespeare didn't care about the incongruity (as he is sometimes wont to do) and simply needed Gertrude as a 'reveal' and wrote a pretty speech for her to do it.


answered 26 May '13, 14:10

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According to Gertrude's description of Ophelia's death, she fell into the water and did not attempt to rescue herself. This is enough to provide questions about her death - not attempting to save yourself is basically committing suicide, right? But we as the audience are left with many questions - was Ophelia so far gone at this point that she did not understand her own distress and was thus unable to save herself? Is the story that Gertrude tells even accurate? Why didn't Gertrude try to help her?


answered 29 May '11, 22:03

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No! Gertrude effectively killed her by not saving her.


answered 31 Mar '12, 23:00

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